Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Prepared to Defend Yourself

We are firm believers in being prepared, and live in a culture where this topic comes up quite frequently.  Most individuals believe that the police are around to keep us safe; How realistic is this?  Have you ever called the police to inform them that you were in fear that something bad was imminent?  Their response often is that until a crime has actually been committed, they have other priority calls that require their attention. 

Even when they will send an officer by, does it always happen?  How many actual police officers are on duty and responsible for your neighborhood (of several thousand citizens)?  How long do you guess it normally takes to get the police to respond to an actual incident?  When seconds count, you can rely on help being minutes away (after you dial 9-1-1).  This being the case, what are YOU going to do to keep your family safe?  Are you comfortable with just hoping that you won’t become a victim of a violent crime, or are you willing to do something to prepare to survive such an encounter?  Don’t believe that bad stuff is happening in your neighborhood?  Check out what’s been going down in SLC in the last several months…

With the rash of home invasion burglaries, deranged people attacking innocent folks in shopping malls, classrooms, office buildings, in their vehicles, along jogging routes, etc…, don’t you think this deserves some forethought, consideration, and preparation to increase the odds that you will make it home safe everyday?  Among several available options that could help, you should consider getting a Utah Concealed Carry Permit, and getting the additional training and knowledge that it takes to be effective and safe when you do carry a weapon for personal protection.   

Mike Munnerlyn and Rob Wilkinson are certified instructors by the State of Utah BCI
and the NRA, with over 20 years of combined concealed carry experience.  We are ready and able to help you begin the process of taking responsibility for your own safety.  We will not only help you get your Utah permit, we will also make sure you understand the laws governing self-defense and justification of use of deadly force.  We teach classes nearly every Thursday evening, and at other times upon request.  Please see our website for details, and upcoming class dates, and to check out the reviews others have written about their experience with us, or to get answers to frequently asked questions about obtaining a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP). 

Join with us and the thousands of others who have begun to learn what it takes to accept personal responsibility for their own safety and that of their family.  Register on-line,  or give us a call today to begin your training process.