Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Avoid a Confrontation

  • Be alert and aware of  your surroundings..  Don't appear inattentive, weak, or helpless.
  • Avoid dangerous places and situations, such as high crime areas, traveling alone at night, dark deserted alleys, or unguarded parking lots.
  • Dress as if you might be carrying a weapon, even when you aren't.  Wear a fanny pack, concealment vest, belt-mounted cell phone, or loose clothing.
  • Learn to de-escalate disagreements.  Never allow your ego or pride to initiate or aggravate a situation when you could simply walk away.  With a little humility, you can nearly always apologize your way out of a potential conflict.
  • The main purpose of concealed carry is to return home safely, never to win arguments.