Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Excerps from Magazine Article by Massad Ayoob - Ten Commandments for Concealed Carry

  1. If you choose to carry, always carry, as much as possible.  It’s not about convenience, it’s literally about life & death.
  2. Don’t carry a gun if you aren’t prepared to use it.  It’s an emergency rescue tool.  No more, no less.  Criminals are expert judges of human prey & will know if they are dangerous to them.
  3. Don’t let the gun make you be reckless.  The law holds a CFP permit holder to a “higher standard".
  4. Carry legally, or you could sacrifice your freedom, and loose your ability to protect yourself and family.
  5. Know what you’re doing.  Gunfights are won by those who shoot fastest and straightest.  Practice, practice, practice…
  6. Concealed means concealed.  Avoid the many adverse effects if not.
  7. Maximize your firearms familiarity.  If you ever need a gun, it will happen so quickly & terribly that you’ll have to be swift & sure.
  8. Understand the laws finer points...  Ignorance is no excuse.
  9. Carry an adequate firearm.  Use a caliber that cops & soldiers use.
  10. Use common sense…  Ethics, logic, law, not idealism; not rhetoric.  Carrying the power of life & death belongs only in the hands of a responsible person who cares about consequences, and is respectful of life and human safety.