Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent Gun Law Changes

1.  6/28/10 - The U.S  Supreme Court ended the 28-year Chicago handgun ban by extending gun rights to every state and city in the U.S.A.

2.    3/19/10 - Utah House Bill 78 (Third Substitute Weapons Revisions) – The House sent to Governor Herbert a bill that would allow a person to threaten or display a dangerous weapon in self-defense (legal brandishing). 

3.    2/26/10 - Utah Senate Bill 11 (Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act), Governor Herbert signed this law exempting Utah from any federal regulations on firearms or ammo manufactured and sold within Utah.  This was patterned after the Montana and Tennessee laws, and will spur a U.S. Supreme Court battle against federal control.

4.    2/22/10 - Firearms in National Parks – A new federal law was signed allowing persons from any state that allows them to carry within its state parks to possess a loaded firearm.  This was an amendment to a credit card bill

5.    7/1/09 - Nevada Revoked Reciprocity with Utah (& Florida), over the lack of a “live fire” concealed firearm permit training requirement.

6.    5/12/09 - Utah House Bill 357 (Firearms Amendments) –This bill now allows any person, at least 18-years-old,  to have a concealed and loaded firearm in a vehicle that they are in lawful possession of, or has obtained the consent from the person in lawful possession of the vehicle.   This includes pistols only.  It also now allows for the possession of a loaded firearm in a person's residence.

7.    5/12/09 - Utah Senate Bill 78 (Protection of Constitutionally Guaranteed Activities in Certain Private Venues) – Concealed firearms can now be kept in a locked vehicle parked in a private lot.  Employers can only stop an employee from bring a firearm if they provide a fenced, secured alternative lot with a security guard, or a secured and monitored storage location, at no cost to the employee.