Monday, June 14, 2010

Non-U.S. Citizens & Concealed Carry Permits

In Utah, in order to make application for a Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP), anyone not born in the U.S. must prove to BCI that they are now a U.S. citizen, or provide BCI with their INS Alien Registration Number off of one of the following documents:

    U.S. Passport
    Certificate of Naturalization N-550 or N-570
    Alien Registration Receipt Card  I-151 a.k.a. “green card”
    Alien Registration Receipt Card (Resident Alien Card)  I-551  a.k.a. “green card”
    Conditional Resident Alien Card  I-551 (several varieties of differing colors)
    Certificate of U.S. Citizenship N-560 or N-561

This number must also be provided in the “Miscellaneous” field of fingerprint cards, and on the top of the first page of the CFP application.  For additional information, please see this link on BCI’s website: